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I can't get the community copy for some reason. The popup says I have to pay at least $4.25 even though it's the community copy I go to "buy".

Edit: Ah never mind lol, figured it out. Didn't see the "take me to downloads", where it says to just claim one. Thank you so much for the free option! $4.25 would have been hefty on my budget.

I'm glad you were able to download in the end! And no worries; that's the community copies are there for!

Thanks so much for making community copies available! Normally resources like this would be completely out of the question, but this has really improved my campaign and even inspired me to do more worldbuilding, which my players love!

Thank you! I'm glad you found it helpful.


What's a community copy?


A community copy is a free copy of the book (digitally) for people who would like to read it but don't have the money to spare. 

Clear. I probably should have been able to figure that out, but it was early in the morning. Bought it today, heard about it on Cerebrevore. I've got it printed out and spine binded. Looks like it's going to be really helpful.


Hi! Could you again restock the community copies? I wish I could support you, but I am a student in a country with a really bad currency. And it would be nice if I could access this, as it looks really nice! 

Thanks for the reminder! I will do it as soon as I get a chance. Check back again tomorrow!

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Would the community copies ever be available again?

I just keep not noticing when they run out. I will restock today.

OK, they should now be available! Let me know if you can't see them. 

Are community copies going to be available again?

Oh, good idea! I forgot to restock them, but I definitely will.


Should be up now! Let me know if you can't see them. 

Very cool. Time to flesh out my (completely NSFW) game.

What strikes me as a bit odd is the lack of a "female" goddess (love, fertility, beauty etc) like Aphrodite, Freya and more.

very fun panphlet. the pantheon I'm rolling right now is almost exclusively of gods that should be outsiders.


Sorry to bother you, but upon re-reading the initial page (the "How to" section), you say "Bestow secondary attributes. Using the secondary attributes table"...maybe I'm blind, but where is the secondary attributes table? :S


Oh, sorry! Yeah, that's unclear. It's referring to the Bestow the Crown section on p. 13.

This is amazing! I too find this through MapCrow, and I'm loving it! I have a question: How so there's no Archetype relating to "crafting/building" (from art to architecture, from smithing to engineering)? Just curiosity :3


I definitely considered it; there were early lists that were much longer, before I figured out the page count, how long each archetype would be, and so on. In the end I think that archetype basically got rolled into Fire Bringer, who is more of a Prometheus than a Hephaestus, but was the closest thing. 


Incredible! I found this via MapCrow on youtube, and this pamphlet is seriously inspiring some fun writing :) thanks so much!


I'm glad you're enjoying it! I'm a big fan of his work as well. 


terrific! thank you for this! 


I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Pretty good! All the traits and such were very flavorful.

Just finished up using it for the first time! What a real joy to use!


Looks awesome :3

Would a single-page pdf be possible in the future?

I also prefer a one-page-per-page PDF format.  This looks like a great resource, and I'm looking forward to putting it into action!


I think I can do that! I will try to get one up over the weekend.


Thank you kindly! :3


And it's done! I also added a separate pantheon sheet.

Thank you!