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Many beloved fantasy monsters came from the everyday inspiration of cheap toys, household junk, and the imagination. It's great that RPGs are such a big phenomenon in the 2020s, but let's not lose the fun of making things from found objects. You don't even have to use miniatures in your games to be inspired by the things around you that are made to be forgotten. 

The Budget Bestiary contains six monsters for Old-School Essentials inspired by simple conversions of easily-available toys and other items, together with notes on how to build them and create your own creatures. 

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorJames Holloway
GenreRole Playing
Tagsdiy, dnd, Fantasy, OSR


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This is so cool and inspiring! I also found the tips for kitbashing super useful! 

I ordered a pin vise but in the meantime I used blu-tac, a bead, waxed thread, tissue thickened with glue and a mini that cost under a dollar to make this!!

Fantastic! Do you mind if I share this image?

Not at all! Go ahead :D


This is unbelievably AWESOME and creative. Love it!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!


I've been working on a couple. Thanks for the inspirado.

Fantastic! I just picked up some cheap safari animals at a car boot sale for a similar purpose. 


The blue tac super glue trick is very convenient. Much appreciated! And I look forward to seeing your future creations, if you post em.


heavy inspiration for junk modelling new beasts!


This book is good, on a quick read - the stats can be converted easily enough to the system(s) of your choice, but the main piece of this book is the advice - the author describes what they made, how they made it, and what some of the challenges were. At the price point of as little as $0 for the pdf, an excellent entry into scratch bashing for tabletop games.